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My interest in social media platforms has decreased greatly over time, but in some cases, they are something that you should be involved with for business purposes. LinkedIn is one of those platforms that, while it has a lot of issues, it still has the reputation of the “professional” social media network.

While I have used LinkedIn automation tools in the past, I’ve never recommended one on the Tech Smart Boss platform. They are dangerous, they can get your LinkedIn account banned if you aren’t careful (sometimes even if you are). And recently, LinkedIn has really put constraints on the number of connection requests and outreaches you can do. Frankly it’s a good thing, if you are like me, every day you get a LinkedIn request from someone who’s very first message is to try to sell you something.

There’s got to be a better way to leverage that great network of potential business contacts and prospects and this week’s Cool Tech of the Week may just be it.

Firstly, it’s not automation, it’s a productivity tool, that helps you maintain your network on LinkedIn without being spammy (or getting in trouble with LinkedIn). This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is more like a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) designed for LinkedIn, it’s LeadDelta.

LeadDelta connects to your LinkedIn and pulls down all that juicy contact info and makes it easy for you to slice and dice it to find the segment of people you want to stay in touch with. It does have the ability to send and manage your message box (but not automatically, the old-fashioned way, authentic outreach). But they streamline things with templates and also Zapier and Webhook triggers, so you can set up processes to notify you when you should take some action on a new contact.

I suggest you give it a try, see how you like it. I’m a fan of it, and it’s helping me to get more value from LinkedIn than I used to.

This Week’s Cool Tech of the Week, LeadDelta. Check it out!

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