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A Tech Smart Boss is always trying to get an advantage when it comes to sales and marketing. Typically, we wear multiple hats, so we need to make great use of technology to scale and maximize our efforts. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week helps with this, Leadcamp.

If you have a lot of leads coming in, then that is a great problem to have. But it can be a struggle to know which leads to focus on as hot leads and which ones to let simmer. Leadcamp helps you gain the signals you need to know who’s hot and who’s not.

Leadcamp integrates with your G Suite or Office email so that every email and link you send out is tracked and monitored for tell-tale signals of interest. How fast they open, reply, links clicked. But where a lot of lead scoring apps stop there, Leadcamp takes a more holistic approach.

You can upload collateral or links and include them in your email marketing campaigns. You can add snippets to your web properties and know exactly when and how leads are using your websites. And with their Clearbit integration, you can enrich leads and setup up ideal account qualification standards. All of these signals are used to calculate an intelligence lead score to let you know who is ready to buy (or at least where you should follow up to close the deal).

Plus, they have integrations with major CRMs and tools like Zapier, so that you can keep all your other customer relationship tools in sync.
Check LeadCamp out today if you are struggling to identify who the best opportunities are within your leads or existing customer base. It could be the sales tool you need in your Tech Smart Boss toolkit.

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