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The bots are coming, the bots are coming, or so it seems. These days there are chat bots, facebook messenger bots, sales bots, survey bots, every kind of bot you can imagine, and I’ve been dabbling and checking out a bunch of them.

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is Landbot because it is one of the more complete and flexible conversational bots that I have found. It has a very easy drag and drop interaction builder with lots of built-in integrations and you can embed it on a web-page, as a chat widget, via a link, or even have it be a landing page.

There are a number of use cases to leverage a conversational bot and Landbot gives you a few templates to start with and give you ideas. If you’re looking to experiment or ready to dive deep into bots, Landbot is definitely one to take a look at.

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