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This week’s Cool Tech of the Week will not be for all Tech Smart Bosses, but if you are doing anything like software development, website design, marketing design, etc then you definitely want to check it out.

Icons8 is the Cool Tech of the Week.

I was on the hunt for some new icons for new features in my software product (yeah, I’m micromanaging too much but I want it to look exactly the way I want). Someone tipped me to Icons8 after I had checked out a few of the more commonly known icon sources.

It’s great, I found exactly what I needed and the price is great whether you have a short term need, long-term need, or a large team need.
The Egyptians were on to something with hieroglyphics and sadly the common text language of the day is a bunch of emoticons. But in business, conveying information along with visualizations like icons can help greatly with your brand image and also your communication.

Check it out, Icons8.

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