How to WOW Your Customers With a Training Academy (Pt 2 w/ AcademyOcean)

We showed you in a past video (check that one out here) and now we’re going to show you the result of our setup to convert my actual Yurbi Academy into AcademyOcean.

We really recommend you set up learning environments for your business. It doesn’t just apply to software, like in my case with Yurbi Academy.

Academies can be used for lead generation by teaching on a topic in your industry that would attract visitors to learn more about your specific product or service.

Academies can also be used for onboarding, so if you have a specific way to do something in your business, use an academy to walk your customers through how you do all the special things you do.

Check out the video and hopefully, this will generate some ideas on how you can leverage the concept of academies in your business!

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