How to Use Technology to Improve Your Sales Instantly

You have been looking for ways to beef up your sales volume these last couple of months, but you are not really certain what direction to take to make that happen. You do know that if you do not increase your company’s sales volume soon that your company is going to be struggling to make ends meet.

The process of increasing sales volume is really just the art of getting the right products or services to the right buyers. When you can make these offers happen at the right price point, you are almost guaranteed a sale. When this connection is not being made, potential customers will pass on your product left and right.

In order to turn the art of increasing sales into a science, you may need to start taking advantage of a few technologies to help you improve your results. The following are some tech solutions that can provide the help you need.

Improving Your Website

One of the best ways to leverage technology to increase overall sales volume is to improve a customer’s experience on your website. When users are overwhelmed or confused by your company website, this forms a barrier between your customers and potential sales.

To remove that barrier and increase your sales volume, you may need to rethink the layout of your website. By removing clutter and providing easier search methods for users, you will help customers find the products they want to buy without obstacles driving them away. If you are able to hire a website developer, they should be able to help you figure out the best practices. 

Listen to Episode 93 of the podcast for more information if you are in need of a website redesign.

Engage Mobile Users

The majority of your customers use smartphones to browse the web and access goods and services. By reaching out to these consumers through a well-designed app, you will improve consumer engagement with your brand and bring more revenue into your business. For example, a restaurant may use a mobile app to provide menu updates, easy ordering, and delivery services. 

Another way to target mobile users is through your communication channels. Instead of emailing customers who contact you for help, you need to understand that texting has been shown to be more effective at getting customers to close on a purchase. This is because you are able to guide them to what they desire in real time without forcing your customer to wait.

The quicker you can aid a customer in achieving satisfaction, the more likely that customer will turn to your company again and again to achieve that same level of fulfilling customer service.

Getting Feedback

Sometimes the reason sales are dipping is due to something you would never figure out on your own by simply guessing. Your customers may not be happy with interacting with your company. This is why it is always wise to encourage customers to leave feedback in one fashion or another.

Giving your customers a way to complain encourages the truth to come out. People visiting your website will often not hold back when it comes to griping about what they do not like about shopping on your app or website.

Leveraging technology to obtain this critical information from consumers can save your business, and it can often help you to accommodate customer needs in ways that encourages far more purchases along the way. Something as simple as a feedback box on your website can make a huge difference in this area.

Episode 88 of the podcast will give you 7 best practices to follow when crafting a customer feedback method.


When it comes to getting customers to buy more from your company, it is sometimes necessary to wave a carrot in front of them and reward them for shopping with your business. The great thing about digital communication these days is that you can deploy countless offers to all your customers with accounts in a matter of seconds.

Sure, it might take some work to organize customer accounts to automate this process, but using technology to do this is worth the potential in increased sales. Plus, special offers and discounts are one way to tell your customers that you value their business.

Try to think how it makes you feel when a company cares to make you an offer you cannot refuse.

Let Technology Help You

Increasing sales volume with modern tech solutions is not as hard as you might think. In many cases, this process involves simply tweaking already existing uses of technology to milk more out of procedures that are already in place. Automation technology is a great starting point, especially when it comes to customer outreach and sales. ECRM technology and other ecommerce solutions go a long way toward improving the efficiency and success of your online store. At this point, all you have to do is learn to integrate and leverage such technology. 

When you use technology in this fashion, doing business becomes more efficient and more enjoyable too. In addition, as technology helps you to break down communication barriers that exist between you and your customers, this helps to encourage improved user experiences and customer service.

Happy customers are often repeat customers that are critical to keeping sales volume in a healthy range. Ensure that your company stays strong by retaining customers through powerful emergent technologies.

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