How to Use Reviews to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

These days, the vast majority of customers look online before making a major purchase. Indeed, that number may be as high as 87%. You have to work harder than ever to get good online reviews. Done right, online reviews can boost your company’s reputation. Here are three things you can do to make sure that online reviews help your reputation and drive more business your way.

Using the Right Platforms

Different websites are better for different businesses. For example, Avvo is a great service for lawyers, and RateMDs is great for doctors. Then, there are other sites, like Yelp or Google, which are good catch-all sites for just about every type of business. You and your business partners have to make sure that you have identified the right review website on which to focus your efforts.

The Right Response

Did you know that 53% of customers expect some sort of response to their reviews? This means that you have to consider how you will respond to reviews, both positive and negative. Positive reviews typically only require a thank you. Negative ones are more difficult. You have to try to address the concern and make an honest attempt to right any wrong. At the same time, you also have to recognize that some reviewers don’t want a resolution; they want to just yell. No matter what, make sure you use a friendly, respectful tone in your response.

Linking to Review Sites

If you want good reviews on websites, you have to actually ask for them. Your website should have links for your customers so that they can easily leave reviews. If you have a physical location, you should also actually leave signage from the websites in question, encouraging your customers to visit and leave a good review. If possible, see if you can get branded signage from the review website in question. This makes your review request far more recognizable and easy to understand.

Review websites can be great for business. They can be a place for customers to leave positive comments about a business, a chance to drive search engine optimization and a way for businesses to utilize the power of their customers to advertise and build their own reputations. Remember that if you are going to actively seek reviews, you have to make sure that your product, price and customer service are all the best that they can be. Otherwise, you are asking for bad reviews.

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