How to Transform Your Internal Team Support with Spoke (Your Team Support Bot)

When you’re small and growing, it’s critical to focus on external, customer support, but for your internal team, you’re like, “they’ll figure it out.”  While this may work while you’re small,  as you grow it creates a huge problem as new team members are left cluelessly looking for answers and generally the same answers over and over and over again.

Instead of trying to use your external help desk tools for internal team knowledge and support, this video shows a new alternative which I really like.  It’s called Spoke, and I’m just going to say it’s the tie between your company knowledge and the people in your company that need it.

Spoke gives you a internal tech support bot, that will automatically provide answers to your team as they ask them, whether by email, slack, or online.   And if Spoke doesn’t know the answer, it’ll assign it to the right person on your team who can answer it and train Spoke on how to do it in the future (no ongoing questions by 20 people on the same thing! Yay!).

In this video, I create a new account and give it a try, I even integrate it with Slack. Check it out and leave us a comment on what you think about this video and Spoke.



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