How to Tighten Security at Your Company

The most common incidents of theft in the modern workplace actually are not necessarily cash theft or product loss – but rather data thievery. Especially in the digital era, you need to protect the valuable information that you have. Here are some ways you can tighten security.

Create New Protocols

You need to update and standardize security practices at your business, especially those relating to technology. This might include access-related security, such as updating which employees have access to the commercial property, the cash register, and computers. Passwords or employee codes are a must-have. Consider two-factor authentication for any really important access. Train employees on how to handle sensitive data. Make sure people do not use unverified sites on work computers. Follow and update the protocols you use according to up-to-date cybersecurity guidelines for businesses.

Practice Smart Data Storage

Smart data storage means taking precautions and following guidelines that may not be only common sense. For example, storing the social security numbers of your employees on a random file on your computer’s hard drive is not smart data storage. Alternatively, there are many ways you can go about encrypting or protecting files – both on your hard drive and on the cloud. Private clouds are dedicated to a single organization and offer improved security and privacy. Portable drives, like SD cards or USB drives, can be used to record data and then can be labeled and stored separately.

Interpersonal Security Practices

You need to make sure that your security extends beyond the technological level and that your security protocol is kept by you and your employees. Not even the best cybersecurity programs in the world can protect you from human negligence! That’s why it’s so important that you train your employees effectively and run constant upkeep to make sure that the company culture does not gradually run a little too relaxed in areas of security. If you need to, you can restrict access to delicate information to fewer people. You should be able to trust at least yourself (and ideally a couple other people) with access. There should be a balance between having other people with access to get things done but giving access to so many people that it becomes a security risk.

Because new tactics are constantly being developed and used by those who are trying to steal valuable information, you also need to stay updated. Pay attention to what the cybersecurity-business world is talking about. If you constantly stay up to date, create and recreate new protocols, and practice smart data storage, you can avoid disastrous consequences.

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