How to Set Up The FullContact and Slack Integration to Empower Your Team With Data Enrichment

These days the most effective sales and marketing teams know how to cut through the noise of other marketers by making their pitch straight to the point and personalized.

To do that you need to know as much about your prospects as possible and one tool in your arsenal needs to be data enrichment tools. I talk about this in Episode 47 of the podcast.

One such tool is FullContact and when they announced their integration with Slack, it was like a technology version of peanut butter and chocolate for me, because you know we like everything integrated with Slack at Tech Smart Boss. Check out some slack videos here also on the topic of data enrichment and if you interested in attending a Slack workshop where we go into detail on how to setup a process to use Slack in your business, sign up to our interest list here.

In this video, we walk you through the entire setup of FullContact and Slack and show you the result of a few test enrichment attempts. What is great if FullContact gives you 100 lookups of emails or companies domains each month for FREE.

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