How to Produce Successful Remote Employees

With today’s workforce increasingly remote, it is more important than ever for companies to remain connected. Remote employees often face new challenges that are not present in an in-person office setting. Employers and employees should work together to address challenges and set themselves up for success. 

Set Goals

One way to make sure everyone stays on track is to set goals for remote employees. These can include both short-range goals for the week or month, to long-range goals for the quarter or year. Setting goals helps everyone have a clear understanding of what is expected from them and when. Setting goals also creates a clear way to track progress and successes across teams and individual employees. Be sure to have regular check-ins to track goal progress and make adjustments as necessary. 

Connect Over Video

Video technology is a great way to stay connected with employees and for employees to remain connected with each other. There are so many great software options to choose from that include additional beyond simple video calls, such as chat options, collaboration tools like white boards, and reactions emojis. Video calls are great for one on one conversations for employees to communicate their challenges and successes, and for employers to address any concerns. Video calls, whether one on one or as a larger team are also a great way to give recognition and praise for excellent work. While employees appreciate recognition, it’s even more important to recognize them while everyone is working from home. Staying in touch over video is a great way to connect with your employees since you are not able to casually stop by their desk during the day.

Be Flexible

Remote employees value the flexibility that can come from remote work, and employers should embrace this. The opportunity to take a break to walk the dog, do some household chores, or run a quick errand, are all huge benefits to remote work not available to workers in an office setting. As long as clear goals and expectations are set and employees remain productive, allow your employees to be flexible in the hours they work and the breaks they take. Keeping updated company and employee calendars will make sure everyone is available for all hands meetings and other important company events.

Remote work is the new normal and there are so many ways to ensure your remote work force is connected, communicative, and successful. By setting goals to stay productive, using technology to stay connected, and being flexible, your remote company will thrive.

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