How to Keep Your Tech Smart Boss Apps in Real-Time 2-Way Sync with PieSync

When you’re a Tech Smart Boss you’re using the best and most affordable technology on the market.  And to get them most from them they need to be integrated.

We’ve talked a lot about Zapier in the past and that is our favorite tools for integrating tools in a workflow based approach, but sometimes what you really need is to sync up the records between applications on an on-going basis and for that,  PieSync is the right tool in the toolkit.

With PieSync you pick a segment of the contact records in one application, say Drip and sync them with another,  in this video we used HubSpot CRM.  What you get then is a real-time, 2-way sync between whatever fields and custom fields you select.  So if anything changes, the other system is automatically updated (it can even handle bi-directional conflicts).

Check out the video as I setup a new account and a one directional sync between Drip and HubSpot CRM.

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