How to Integrate HelpScout with BriteVerify to Fight Help Desk Spam

Do you get a lot of spam email into your help desk queues? If you advertise your support email addresses on your website (and even if you don’t really), you probably get bogus tickets sent to your support team that is wasting time to even look at and hit the spam button.

We use HelpScout and they have an integration with BriteVerify to do a real-time lookup on the sender’s email to determine if it’s a valid email. That check alone can help take bogus senders direct to the spam folder.

Not familiar with BriteVerify? We did a video a while back showing how we integrated their API into our website forms and improved our lead quality by about 15%. So it works. You can watch that here.

Check out this video and learn more about HelpScout, BriteVerify, and how to connect the 2 products together.

Also, subscribe to our podcast, check out this episode which also mentions HelpScout: “Episode 22: Customer Support Tech Stack (The 8 Things You Need to Deliver Stellar Customer Service)” –


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