How to Improve Your Company’s Relationship With Customers

The product or service that any given business provides is only one-half of what a company provides with the transaction. The other half is the experience. In the entertainment business, the experience can sometimes even be more desirable than the product.

Provide Transparency

That’s exactly why you need to ensure that your customers’ experience is as good as it can be. This is a business aspect that is critical – even if you are not in the field of entertainment. In fact, that’s when it can be even more important since it so often goes overlooked by many of your local business peers. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the transaction is honest and transparent. The customer should know what to expect in terms of payments and fees. They should also expect exactly what to get out of the product or service and be satisfied with it afterward. Tricking the customer into making a purchase they don’t actually want is a bad tactic for short-term profits but long-term failure.

Reduce Customer Service Friction

The key to good customer service is to know what customers want. Customers want their complaints to be addressed, and they want it done fast – so it probably would be best to have training of some kind in place for any employees who deal with such issues. Make sure to emphasize where and how to transfer the customer quickly for a given problem. Longer calls lead to less satisfied customers, after all. You may want to consider hiring a consultant for your customer service employees or outsourcing to a customer service company that can do it all for you.

Encourage Feedback

Customers want to know that their experience matters. You should encourage feedback and reviews. That might come in the form of online ratings. You can even provide a phone number, website, or other resource for people to register complaints, suggestions, or other feedback. Incentivize such feedback with small offers or deals – thereby also incentivizing repeat customers. Make sure that you and your employees are always polite and professional when receiving customer feedback. Keep an open mind when it comes to evolving your customer experience.

You need to walk a thin tightrope when it comes to your local consumers. You want to give them the experience and product they deserve without letting them walk all over your employees. Always be on the lookout for ways in which you can streamline and improve your company’s relationship with the community.

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