How to Help Your New IT Team Member Hit the Ground Running on Day One

So, you’ve expanded your business to the point that you need a new IT member for your team. You’ve already discovered the right talent and they’re all set to begin work. How do you prepare them for their new job? What can you do as an employer to ensure a smooth initiation to the company and its operations? The truth is that no two IT jobs are the same. Even the most experienced IT professional will experience a learning curve when coming into a new job. Here are some tips on how to put your new IT worker in the best position to succeed.


Is there a pre-existing IT infrastructure at your business? What systems, platforms, and processes do your business’ activities run on? This is where documentation comes in – ideally written by a previous or current employee who knows your company’s IT work front and back. Even the best IT talent will discover software or hardware that he or she might be unfamiliar with, so having documentation on all the programs the company uses can be enormously helpful for an IT worker settling into a new position. A schedule of work that must be performed, such as coding or software updates, will help establish a pattern of work for your new employee. This should be done in addition to the usual onboarding process.

Communication Systems

The ability to give and receive feedback is crucial for any new IT hire’s success. The new worker will likely have many questions that pop up during his or her initial working period. Maintaining open lines of communication can go a long way to helping your new employee adjust and optimizing workflow. Some people are naturally shyer or more hesitant to ask questions for fear of sounding incompetent, so the burden is on you as an employer to make sure that your employee feels comfortable enough to come forward with any questions. You can aid in creating an open environment for communication by introducing your employees to key members of the staff right away. For example, if your IT worker is beginning to work on accounting software, he or she might benefit from an introduction to the head accountant who can answer important questions.

Temper Your Expectations

Starting work at any new company is challenging. Learning the ins and outs of new IT systems makes getting used to the new environment even more time-consuming. Don’t expect extraordinary results immediately—give your new employees some time to adjust. Make sure that you don’t expect so much that your new employees feel burnt out. If your expectations are too high, you might have an issue with more employee turnover when you hire someone new. Keep this in mind so that you can make sure that your new employee is comfortable in their new job.

Hiring a new IT employee to your business can be very helpful, but it’s important to make sure that you go about training them the right way. Follow these tips to start your new IT employee off on the right foot and to build a foundation for a long-term successful working relationship.

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