How to Help When Your Employees Are Stressed Out

If you’re trying to lead people, you need to have interpersonal skills, and this means knowing when someone isn’t feeling well. This isn’t about a cold or a stomach bug, but it’s something that can spread through your office without warning. It’s about stress and what you can do to help employees dealing with it. Here are a few things you can do to make life a little bit easier for your stressed employees.

Be Flexible

Scheduling could be part of why your employees are feeling so wound up. The 9–5 lifestyle might be something that society has gotten used to, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make it hard to juggle tasks, especially nonwork obligations. For instance, an employee might feel stressed because they’re having difficulties scheduling doctor’s appointments or making it to events for their kids. You don’t have to shorten their work hours drastically, just give them more flexibility. For instance, you might try to let them work from home on certain days or whenever necessary. This can not only help them to be less stressed, but can also boost their productivity.

Focus on Their Health

Stopping stress is much easier when you’re able to take preventive measures. An employee wellness program has many benefits for companies. Your employees will be able to feel more energized and see improved moods, which can help to increase their productivity. You can have a wellness program that includes physical as well as mental health, with discussions of nutrition mixing with ones about the importance of healthy coping strategies and regular exercise.


It’s not the nicest thing to realize, but a lot of your employees’ stress could be traced back to you. Take a moment to think about what you’re demanding of them. It might not seem like a whole lot, but remember that you might be biased by experience and position. Whether it’s too-soon deadlines or lots of work piled at once, your employees deserve to be treated with fairness and reasonable expectations. Before you give assignments, take the time to think about how you’ll present them. You want to show your employees the importance of getting it done as well as why it should be done by a certain time. This can help them feel far more in touch with their work and be more enthusiastic about being on your team.

You might believe that stressed employees are a good thing to have, because it means they’re working hard. However, while they might be working hard, it’s going to be at the cost of both their work and their mental health in the long run. You must recognize signs of stress and then step in to help your employees as much as you can.

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