How-to Get Started With Zapier (with a Drip to HubSpot CRM Example)

I have 3 key qualities I look for before I call something a “Tech Smart Boss Tech App.”

They are:

  1. Easy – something the entrepreneur can do themselves
  2. Affordable – ideally a free tier
  3. Increases your Brand – makes you look and feel a little bigger than you are

Zapier definitely fits into my definition and it’s a key element of my tech stack.

Zapier has over 750+ integrations and it allows a Tech Smart Boss to integrate many of their other software products together to streamline and automate your business processes (so you can grow faster!).

In this video, I start from scratch, from setting up a brand new account to making a working integrate from 2 of my favorite products, HubSpot CRM and Drip.

The question I have after you watch this is, “What are you waiting for?”

I’m considering to do a complete class to help other entrepreneurs use Zapier to automate their business processes. If you are interested in learning more, sign up here

If you are looking for help setting up HubSpot CRM, we already have that course, go here


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