How to Get Started With Malcare (And Have Peace of Mind That Your WordPress Site Is Safe)

What keeps you up as a Tech Smart Boss?  Probably a lot of things,  cash flow, retaining customers, cash flow, employee issues,  cash flow, tech issues,  and did we mention, cash flow?  Well one thing that probably worries you, down deep in the back of your mind, is having your website hacked.  Even worse, having the hacker infect your site with malware and infect all your customers and visitors and you don’t even know about it until your reputation is ruined (by Google and by your customers).

Or maybe you hadn’t thought of that, well you should.  In this video I go over a product that can at the least put your mind to ease regarding the malware threat,  it’s called Malcare.

Check out the video as I setup a new account and add in a website.  Plus I go through the features and how you can harden your site and clean any malware with one-click action.

Focus more on real worries (did I mention cash flow) and less on malware, with Malcare.  Leave us a comment on what yout think about this video and product.



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