How to Get Started With Dialpad Free (and Get Your Free Business Phone System)

Free is not always what’s it cut out to be, but when you’re just getting started (or even if you’re an established small team), Dialpad Free is a business phone system that delivers.

I’ve been using Dialpad for years (since they launched as Switch), but when I saw their free offering that recently launched,  I was like “whoa, I wish that was an option when I started.”   My business has grown beyond the scope of Dialpad free, but I had to record a video to let my other Tech Smart Bosses know.

In the video, I sign up and walk through the setup.  A few things are not available in the free version and I discover those, but a lot is there.  Definitely, all you need when you need a simple, but powerful, phone system for your team.

Take a look and leave us a comment on what you think about Dialpad Free.




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