How To Get Started With CompanyHub The Fully Customizable CRM (and HubSpot CRM Alternative)

I’m all about a great CRM and I’ve been a pretty happy user of HubSpot CRM since it was a beta product (interested in HubSpot CRM, check out my course).  But a key tenant of Tech Smart Boss is to always be on the lookout for something better for your business.  I may have found it with CompanyHub.

CompanyHub has all the key elements of a CRM that you would expect, but what really makes it special is the ease of customization.  If you listened to Episode 33 of the podcast, you’ll remember I said, your CRM needs to fit your business process, not the other way around.  With CompanyHub you have the flexibility to add in all the customizations you need to fit your process, without ever needing a developer to do it.

Plus, and this is a really big plus, CompanyHub has record level and field level security, so that you can invite your entire team, from support, marketing, operations, and more without sacrificing security.  This is important because you want your CRM to be the hub of your company,  and CompanyHub gets that (it’s in their name).  Plus they have a robust Zapier integration which is the other thing you need to make the CRM your hub.

In this video, I go through their onboarding process and walk through a few of their key features.

Check out the video and hopefully, this will give you some ideas on how you can make CompanyHub the hub of your customer and lead management.



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