How To Get Started With AND CO by Fiverr, the FREE Customer Management Platform for Freelancers


AND CO is one of those products that I was aware of but never had the use for personally.  But it is a widely used platform by small businesses and freelancers to manage customers, collect payments, and more (they advertise 60,000+users).

The reason it recently caught my eye is because Fiverr, a freelancer platform that I use for quick projects, bought them, and made the entire software free.

I think it was a great idea for Fiverr to provide more value to their freelancers and I also think it was a great move by AND CO who was receiving a lot of competition from all direction.  And of course, it’s a great value to freelancers who can now collect payments and have a robust platform for absolutely no cost or transaction fees (other than normal payment processing).

In this video, I walk through the signup process and check out all the areas of the platform.  I made this video right as the acquisition announcement came out and you’ll see the servers were under great load as I tried to sign up.

Check out the video and hopefully, this will give you some ideas on if AND CO is the right customer management platform for you.



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