How to Get Started With Alore (The CRM That Aims To Consolidate Your Sales Stack)

As a Tech Smart Boss, your CRM should be the hub of your lead and customer management process (listen to Episode 33 of the podcast for more on why).  We’ve covered a few really great CRMs,  from HubSpot CRM to CompanyHub, and in this video we cover Alore CRM.

Alore is really aiming for the fence with their product, and as you can see in the video,  they are close to hitting a home run.  They are looking to consolidate much of your sales stack, from drip campaigns, prospecting, meeting management, contact enrichment, and more, all in their platform.

In this video, I set up a new account so you can see the on-boarding process and walk through many of the areas of the solution.

Take a look and leave us a comment on what you think about Alore CRM.




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