How to Get Started With MeetEdgar (and Content Recycling)

When you have a great piece of content on your website you should share it on your social networks not just once, but often so you can maximize the traffic that can be generated from it. We talked about this concept in Episode 17 of the podcast and in prior videos.

This concept is called “Content Recycling” and there are a few good tools on the market that to help you configure and automate the process of re-posting content to your social networks.

In this video we cover MeetEdgar. We’ll walk you through the entire process of setting up a trial, connecting to your social accounts, and setting up some content to be automatically scheduled for recycling.

Plus we’ll give some tips on how to set up your plan to recycle content, such as setting up specific libraries, with specific schedules to get the biggest bang from content recycling.


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