How To Feed Your Need For Customer Feedback with Feedier (Getting Started and Overview)

Collecting feedback is more than just sending a survey link to a customer and hoping they fill it out.  I get NPS survey requests from software vendors almost daily and for the most part, they get deleted.  Collecting feedback has to be more than just a simple survey, it has to be an experience, there has to be a potential reward, and it has to be easy.

I came across Feedier recently and they seem to be taking a nice approach to a customer feedback lifecycle.   They provide a gamification approach to collecting feedback,  from simple features like simply encouraging users to complete the survey as they go to the opportunity to provide various types of rewards and incentives to get them to take the survey in the first place.  Plus, depending on the survey responses, you have the opportunity to give an engagement like a request for a 5-star rating on a review site or the opportunity to offer some support to make things better.

In this video, I take a look at Feedier and do a short overview of the features.  What great is they are innovating quickly and since this video, they have already implemented a lot of new features and I have already implemented one of their “carriers” (their term for surveys) into my feedback process.

Check out the video and leave us a comment on what you think about this video and Feedier.



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