How to Encourage Safe Driving Among Your Employees

Whether your employees commute to an office or drive as part of the job, you probably want them to drive safely. However, it may take more than an occasional reminder to keep your employees driving safely and keeping themselves and others out of harm’s way. Here’s how to encourage your employees to drive carefully.

Reasonable Goals

As you encourage employees to drive safely, setting reasonable goals is a good start. You want to make sure your employees know what you mean when you ask them to drive carefully. A carefully written guide with safe driving procedures is one way to clearly outline expectations. You can usually find templates for these guides online. Using the template, you can add in your company name and any special requirements.

Staying Alert

When it comes to driving safely, staying alert is one of the most important precautions to take. A driver with low energy often can’t react in time to prevent an impending collision. Studies show that drivers don’t have much time to react to oncoming vehicles. If you are interested in helping keep employees safe, offer them suggestions for staying alert on the road. These things might include listening to upbeat music, taking sips of water, or even stopping for a coffee or an energy drink. You also may want to have a discussion in person with employees about driving while tired–they may be able to offer tips that will help one another as well.

Use Technology

There are plenty of apps to encourage safe driving. Some of these are even used by insurance companies. These apps monitor driving, noting things like rapidly slamming on brakes and too-fast turns. If you’re up for a technological challenge, these apps can be a great addition to the workplace. You can offer monthly or quarterly incentives for safe driving, with competitions judged by the app. Incentivizing safe driving with competition might be enough for even reluctant employees to join in. Giving the winner a gift card or other small prize may be a way to get even more employees in on the competition.

Everyone knows that safe driving is important. But in the case of busy and tired employees, sometimes a nudge is necessary to encourage them to do it. By making your expectations clear, talking to employees about dangers, and incentivizing safe driving, you’ll be able to rest assured that your fleet is safe on the road.

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