How to Create More Capable Employees

Employees are a key part of whether a business succeeds or fails. It is not just a matter of hiring the most qualified candidates for the job; you will also need to ensure that your employees remain in tip-top shape. As the manager of people, it will be your job to make sure that employees are contributing their most quality work for the duration of the company’s existence. This is easier said than done. Here we will be exploring the best ways to keep employees motivated and performing at maximum value.

Give Them Independence

Independence means that an employee is able to work without heavily relying on the assistance of managers or fellow employees. In order to accomplish this, that employee will need a great deal of training along with the right tools to get the job done. With enough training, your employees should feel confident about taking on certain projects independently.

To achieve this, you will need to create a rigorous training program that will tackle any problems that a novice might have. Ask your more seasoned employees what questions they had when first taking on the job. Come up with a list of problems that novices typically come across when first starting the job, and then have your trainee tackle those problems. Teach them how to handle any tools and materials that are unfamiliar to the trainee. This type of training will provide employees with better confidence and independence.

Coach Them

Guidance shouldn’t end after the training process is over. According to InsideOut Development, in today’s work environment, coaching skills are a must-have for managers. As the boss, it will be your responsibility to check-in and review the progress of your employees. If you see a weakness in someone’s performance, address that weakness and ask the employee to work on it. Try coaching the employees who are in the most need of help.

Create Incentives

This final step is important in keeping your workers motivated. When I Work points out that employees want to know that their best work is being rewarded. If you notice that a particular employee is doing a great job, be sure to praise that employee for their hard work. Penalize workers who perform below what is expected of them. Create an incentive program that rewards good behavior. That good behavior can include organization, team unity, support, initiative, problem-solving, or even leadership. Offer promotions, prizes, or deals to those who surpass the expectations of an employee.

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