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The key to a successful company is solving customer problems (and doing it well).

It’s not always the case that if you ask a customer what type of solution they need that you’ll get a good answer. We’ve all heard the story that if Henry Ford had asked what people needed, they would have told him a better horse-drawn carriage!

But odds are, you’re not Henry Ford and your customers are begging to give you feedback on what can make your software or service better for them.

I found this new software,, that helps you do exactly that. It allows your customers to submit ideas and for all your other customers to vote on them and let you know which ones are in demand. Plus you can discuss the request, send updates, and tell them it’s planned or complete right from Canny.

There are other software products that do this, but Canny has that modern look and feel and ease of use that we like at Tech Smart Boss.

So we decided to give it a whirl and of course we recorded it so you can see how it works as well.


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