How to Avoid Delays and Interruptions on the Production Line

Problems on the production line can be caused by a number of factors, including management, worker behavior, and technology problems. But, though a difficult venture, eliminating delays and interruptions will make production more efficient and ultimately increase profitability. You can take steps to prevent problems, whatever their cause.

Be a Better Planner

Production planning involves taking a holistic look at the entire system. Consider the market demands, available inventory, deliveries of needed resources, and coordination with other departments. Plan a regular schedule to examine and evaluate each area for any needed improvements. Production also flows smoothly when there are enough workers for the jobs, and when they are sufficiently trained. Coordinating work shifts takes careful planning, especially when considering employee skill levels and experience.

Use Visual Aids

One way to increase production efficiency is to use Kanban, a system used to organize and prioritize tasks to be completed. Kanban utilizes a board, either physical or digital, to visually categorize job assignments and their progress. The board is divided into columns, with each column specifying a stage in the production process. For example, the board’s columns may be labeled To Do, In Progress, or Finished, or any stage in between. Visual cards are a key component of the Kanban system. Each card identifies a task to be completed and often tells which team member is assigned to it. The worker moves the card from one column to another to indicate which stage the task is in. This allows other workers to see at a glance what needs to be done, what is in progress, and what has been finished.

Keep Equipment Working

Some production line delays and interruptions are caused by breakdowns. Whether it’s a problem with mechanical parts, electronics, or software, a malfunction can slow or stop the production process. A regular schedule of inspection and maintenance is essential. The same principles apply if your company is primarily technology-driven. A network outage could put everyone’s work on hold. Although the budget is always a concern, cutting corners on maintenance can lead to bigger losses. A dedicated maintenance or IT staff is a vital part of your production team.

As you continue looking for ways to improve your production efficiency, look at the big picture. Involve all employees at every level in the improvement process and ask for their input. With innovative planning and organization, your production line will run smoothly and reliably!

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