How Technology Can Help Reduce Workplace Stress

One of the biggest reasons people tend to leave their profession is stress. When you have to show up to your job five or six days a week for eight or more hours a day, the demands can take a real toll on you. Although some of these stressors are caused by other individuals, the vast majority are directly connected to the process of the workplace itself. Therefore, the following list includes a few ways technology can help reduce that workplace stress.

Promotes Organization

When your job demands that certain tasks be done accurately and on time, a lack of organization can really put on the pressure. Fortunately, over the past few years, a variety of organizational apps have been developed to help businesses run more efficiently. It is recommended to choose one that best fits your practical requirements. For example, if you’re a project manager, then you certainly want to know when important tasks are completed. Thus, it is your best bet to aim for an app that provides you with this information in real-time.

Reduces Multitasking

Contrary to its intended goal, multitasking reduces productivity in the workplace, according to EddyHR. Studies show that those who multitask tend to produce results of lower quality compared to those who only focus on one thing. Sometimes, this is because employees are not clear about their individual duties. That can be resolved. Technology has allowed business leaders to directly connect to their employees and inform them of exactly what they should be doing at any given time. This increases confidence and quality while reducing the stress of trying to get everything done at once. There are software tools available to help you with this process.

Streamlines Tedious Chores

Although it might not sound like hard work to go through resumes, it can take a long time. Employers want a certain type of candidate, and often, the resumes they receive are not going to make the cut. This warrants the need for filtering. Thus, computer software has been developed to reduce tedious tasks such as weeding through resumes, according to Harver. In an instant, the stress of hiring is lessened significantly. This type of tech reduces time-wasting tasks, provides results and ultimately cuts down on the associated stress.

The workplace can be one of the most stressful environments someone can experience. However, this stress is often caused by disorganization rather than the actual work. Technology has allowed employees to reduce their stress by targeting some of their most common pain points and eliminating those stressors.


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