How I Used FieldBook To Set Up A Customer Referral Engine For My Business

One of the most powerful sales tools you have are positive referrals and testimonials by your existing customers.

But one of the most challenging things in business is how to ask and collect feedback from your customers.

In this video, I cover an approach that I use called the Wall of Love (I totally swiped the concept from a Baremetrics article that I mention in this video which they totally swiped it from Intercom).

Instead of having your valuable customer recommendations and social proof existing on someone else’s website (where they can hold it hostage), I used a super simple setup in FieldBook to give customers an easy way to submit their positive statements about my product and service and I show you how to do it.

And in the Tech Smart Boss way, I took that FieldBook solution and tied it together with Leadpages, Zapier, Slack, and my WordPress website.

Plus of course I integrate it with Slack just to keep all my notifications in a central place.

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