How I Used BriteVerify to Improve My Lead Quality

In this video, I walk through a setup that I did on my website to improve the quality of the leads I get from my website.
If you’re following a Content Marketing strategy, then you want to have lead magnets on your website articles to gather potential leads (listen to Podcast Episodes 12, 13, and 14 for more on this).
Well, what good are those leads if people are putting in bogus emails just to get your content. Or worse, real people put in a typo and are frustrated that they never receive what you offered.
In this video, I integrated my WordPress forms with the BriteVerify API. It allows me to real-time check the email people put in BEFORE they submit the form. It’s not 100% but I will say on average it has blocked about 15% of the invalid attempts on my website the past 3 months. This is not about setting up a CAPTCHA and blocking spambots, watch the video and it may give you some ideas for your website.
This is a little more advanced than the normal D-I-Y technology that I talked about. I had to use a developer to implement this, but, in my opinion, it was worth it and helped to improve my sales process.
Let me know if you see this issue on your website and what you think about this solution?

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