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Grammarly is one of my go-to plug-ins and while I’ve given serious thought to upgrading to their premium subscription, the free version is so good, I just can’t see a reason why (for me, but it could be ideal for you).

This week, I noticed some new emojis in my Grammarly widget and after taking a look, it’s a new beta feature called tone detector. So this week, I’m naming Grammarly Tone Detector our Cool Tech of the Week.

It’s pretty simply, it analyzes your writing and let’s you know what tone you’re striking and then you can reflect if that is what you’re aiming for. Not only can this help those who are a little limited on the EQ side of things, but just in general, it’s always good to know how your audience will receive your writing.

I’ve found it helpful, check it out today, Grammarly Tone Detector, our Cool Tech of the Week.

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