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I’ve been a user of the free Google Voice for many years, but it just recently came to my attention they had strengthened it and formally made it part of business, G Suite. So this week, Google Voice by G Suite is our Cool Tech of the Week.

For many years, we have recommended Dialpad as the phone system for Tech Smart Bosses, but we’ve always known behind the scenes, Dialpad was using Google Voice. So when I learn about Google Voice by G Suite, and it was a more attractive price with the features we needed, the question was why not switch?

The porting process was simple, the quality is the same. Google Voice has a great mobile client, the only thing that I do miss is having a Mac Desktop App client like Dialpad had. With Google Voice however, you can quickly open up any call from an integration with G Suite mail.

Check it out if you need a new phone system or are looking to save money on your existing, Google Voice by G Suite.

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