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When you’re hiring someone you have to do your due diligence to make sure the person is on the up and up.  Back in the old days (when I was hiring new employees last century, waaay back in 1999), this was primarily a paper based process that took a long time to get any results (and costly).  Luckily these days it’s a lot easier and a lot more affordable.

I recently started using GoodHire for background checks and it does a good job for a good price.  It’s web-based, electronic submittals, and fast results.  Plus if you need to do a more extensive background check, they make ala cart options easy to add.  And one feature that I thought was a good idea was their ability to do on-going checks if you needed so if anything popped on their radar after a person was hired, they would let you know.

So the Cool Tech of the Week is GoodHire.  If you are hiring one or many, check them out.

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