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You may have heard in the news about Google being able to generate content via artificial intelligence via their API GPT-3 (and GPT-2). There is also OpenAi that Microsoft exclusively licensed. After that announcement there has been a flurry of products advertising that they can write any type of content you need from ads to emails to blogs. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a company doing that very well, GoCopy.

We covered Headlime in the past who added support for GPT-3 and was recently acquired. These types of tools can be very useful. When you are drawing a blank for fresh topic ideas, contents, need a paragraph or header re-written, you can pop in some text and you’re provided with a few alternatives, some good some bad.

What I like about GoCopy is that it has a very clean and smooth user interface and it makes it very simple to start by giving you ideas of the types of text you want and then how to input questions, topic words, or example text to get a fresh spin on it. I really like that you can give it a question and it will return you a bullet list of results.

Many people are simply letting the AI write content for them, I prefer to think of it as an idea generator and a helping hand. Sure sometimes I can just copy/paste what it gives and move on, but most time I still like to put the Tech Smart Boss touch on it.

Here’s a sample, I asked “What is a Tech Smart Boss?” and the response:

“Tech Smart Bosses are the types of CEOs who can give their companies a competitive edge, and help their employees to develop career skills that they can take wherever they go.”

Not bad, not where I would have gone with it exactly, but pretty good for a computer.

Check out GoCopy, the developer is adding new features constantly and I think it can be very useful to your content creation activities.

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