I Decided to Pal Around with Paldesk and Get Started With Their OmniChannel Support Platform

I’m always looking for the next cool technology and due to their excellent marketing,  Paldesk crossed my desk and I wanted to take a closer look.  These days you have to have omnichannel support as your customer requests can come from anywhere,  chat, email, social media, smoke signals :-).

Paldesk aims to bring all those channels into a seamless platform so you can tackle all incoming requests.  In this video, I go through the on-boarding and try to set up a few channels in Paldesk, but ran into a few snags.  You can say,  Paldesk didn’t feel like palling around with me when I gave it a try.

I’m sure they are working out the kinks, but I always share my results,  so check out the video and leave us a comment on what you think about this video and Paldesk.



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