Getting Started With Integromat a Powerhouse Alternative to Zapier

We use the heck and love Zapier, but as a Tech Smart Boss you always have to keep your eyes open for something new. Somebody told me to take a look at Integromat and after a quick glance of their website, it made me say hmmm.

While the concept of integration via drag and drop workflows are the same, Integromat was bringing some new things to the table, like the concept of “routers” which you can think of as serial processing workflows. And the price seemed to be a little more small business friendly.

So I dove right in and gave it a try and of course recorded it for my Tech Smart Bosses out there and I must say, Integromat didn’t disappoint.

We’re not just talking about a Zapier clone here, but a real powerhouse and something worth exploring. I set up a really simple, nonsense type sequence in this video (their equivalent to a Zapier Zap) but even with this, you can see a little of the power.

What’s your opinion? Leave a comment with your thoughts on Integromat. I plan to do a deeper exploration and share it later.


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