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Collecting customer feedback is critical for a Tech Smart Boss. We talked about this in episode 83 of the podcast. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week can help you do that, it’s Frill.

We’ve covered a few products similar to this over the years. We talked about Upvoty, Canny, and ProductFeed. Most of the newer tools in this space are clones of the leader, Canny, but that is what makes Frill special.

Frill has one of the best user interfaces and user experiences of all the feedback tools that I have tried (at least in my opinion). And it is feature rich, and they are rapidly developing it to be even better.

You’re able to quickly set up a feedback and voting system, have a roadmap, and a changelog as well as announcements. And they are taking care to do custom domain, white label, custom email, webhooks, and many more things correctly.

Check out Frill this week and see if it’s the tool you need to try to get your customers to share what they want and to learn what is new.

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