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This week’s Cool Tech is a product that I just started using but have found it to be great on many levels. It’s called Frase and it’s purpose is to help you research and craft better content.

We talk a lot about content marketing on our podcast and if I had to simplify it to the very basics it would be, answer the questions about your topic that your potential customers are asking.

Frase helps you do that. You pop in your keywords, and they give you potential topics sourced from all the web. Then they pull together what the web has to offer in terms of content to answer those questions and allows you to quickly pull it together into an article or a writers brief.

That would be enough, but Frase actually as a second component that I may like even better. A chatbot they call Answers. They pull in all the content from your website and automatically create a little website chat widget to answer questions from visitors (with human takeover capabilities). And they make it really easy to train your bot and add your own set of answers if your website content isn’t enough.

I’m really digging the product so even with just a few weeks of usage I’m ready to put it in the newsletter. Check it out and see if it could be of use in your business. Frase, the Cool Tech of the Week.

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