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We did a video of Fomo on our YouTube channel a few weeks ago, and since then we’ve continue to experiment and deploy it on our websites with much delight.

This week our Cool Tech of the Week is Fomo, a social proof marketing tool designed to increase conversion on your website.

What we like best about Fomo is the ability to connect to almost any type of conversion data, either through their built-in integrations or via zapier or webhooks.

Once connected you have full flexibility in how to display the message, with the goal to inform and grab the curiosity of your website visitors, and help them make that decision to take action as well. It’s the psychological concept of the “fear of missing out,” if someone else took an action, then maybe I want to as well. And guess what, it works.

Take a look at their website today for lots of example and check out Fomo, this week’s Cool Tech.

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