Essential Features Every Business Needs on Their Website

Websites are such a common thing now that people often take them for granted. But if a website doesn’t have the features it needs to function well, it’s likely that potential customers will simply pass it by. That’s why you want to make sure that your business’s website has all the right features to make it appealing and easy to use for all your customers. If you can really master the streamlining of your website, your business will be in a great place to continue growing and attracting a wide audience. 

Mobile-Responsive Design 

It used to be that you only needed your website to function in a single way, because everyone was accessing websites in the same way. Now though, people are looking at websites on computers, smartphones, and tablets of all different sizes and capabilities. You want your website to work well in every single one of those modes. This is where mobile-responsive design can be a life saver. This type of design is made to adapt your site to however your customers are using it. 


Modern customers want websites that are helpful to them no matter when they get online. This means that if you have customer service reps who are only on the clock during certain hours, you may be missing out on potential customers. Instead of simply letting this problem fester, invest in chatbots so that you can help customers with basic needs no matter when they end up browsing your site. This kind of service will help you to stand out among other small businesses. 

Services Page 

Your services page should be an easy place for your customers to learn more about your company and what you have to offer. This page should also highlight what makes your offerings better than what your competitors have to offer. Take the time to carefully craft a services page that is informative and works to put your business in the best light. That way your customers will be able to quickly figure out what you can do for them and what they need to do to make it happen. 


Video content is an essential part of modern web design because videos are eye-catching and can get information across in a quick and efficient way. There is always so much going on online, so you need your website to stand out in a positive way. If you create regular high quality video content, it will do great things for your business and help your customers to connect with you in more meaningful ways. 

A Shopping Cart 

The shopping cart function is an essential part of any website for a business. Using an e-commerce shopping cart lets you customize features to your desired appearance. This shopping cart will also make it easy for your customers to browse your site and finish by making a purchase. If you currently don’t have a shopping cart on your site, it is time to upgrade so your customers can get what they need from the site you offer them. 

Easy Access to Your Socials 

A business in the current times needs to have at least a little bit of social media presence. This provides a way for you to make communication a little easier with your client base and to make your business more real to the people you work with. But you don’t want your social media and your website to be totally separate. Instead, you want both parts to work together so that your socials are easy to access from your site, and your socials link back to your website. This makes it easier for customers to move between making purchases and interacting with your business. 

Professional Photos 

The photos that you have on your website help to bring personality to your page and highlight the professionalism of your business. This means that poorly taken photos can be bad for business and hurt you in the long run. It can be expensive to hire a professional photographer, but it is an expense that will pay off in the long run. Make sure that all your product photos are clear and legible so that your customers will be able to have a good understanding of how things will look when they arrive at their home. 

Regular Content 

If you want your website to be doing the work of constantly bringing in new customers, you need to have a steady stream of content. SEO depends on constant content creation that can help you to attract customers and provide them with relevant information. Adding a blog to your website and posting at least once a week can be very helpful in bumping up your SEO. 


Your website may look beautiful but if it takes forever to load, your guests are probably moving on. Having professional web design can help you to make sure that your pages can load quickly. You don’t want to create a situation where customers get impatient with your site and end up purchasing from a competitor. Focus on creating simplicity for your site so that it can run smoothly and quickly. 


You don’t want to put in the time and effort of creating a website just to have it be inaccessible to some of your users. Maximizing accessibility on your website is an important part of running a business that functions well. This means making sure that you have image descriptions and alt text to make it easier for disable customers to navigate your site. Do your best to stay on top of accessibility best practices so you can get more out of the website you so painstakingly created. 

Your business website is a tool that helps direct people to the business you are doing. That means that it needs to work well and look good in order for people to actually use it, and especially if you want them to return in the future. By making your website the best it can be, you can improve your business and bring your functionality to a higher level.

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