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There are some Tech Smart Bosses that have a slightly negative opinion of Microsoft (okay, I’m being kind with slightly). Granted, anyone who has more than a few decades of tech experience has a little PTSD over the Windows Blue Screen of Death and even today, no one like applying patches to a Windows machine. But I have to say, Microsoft has been putting out some nice stuff lately. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is their new browser, Edge.

I surprise myself when I recommend Microsoft products, but we have given them a few kudos recently, Microsoft Teams, Clarity, Office 365, and Azure.

Well to my surprise, I somehow came across the fact that Microsoft Edge was now supported on the macOS. I had been using it on my Windows Servers and found it pretty nice. I quickly downloaded it to my Mac to give a try, and I’m shocked as I type this, I like it. It is based on the Chromium, so really it’s Google under the covers, but I have to say, it’s my fastest browser on my Mac now and works very well.
It’s something I recommend you check out for yourself, so this week, Microsoft Edge is our Cool Tech of the Week.

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