E Is For Ease When Using eLink For Your Newsletters (Onboarding and Review)

Tech Smart Boss and eLink

Here at Tech Smart Boss we beat the drum of content curation and re-using content as part of your social media, sales, and marketing strategies. Just check out Episode 128 of the podcast and Episode 135 to learn why.

So a product like eLink was right up our alley as a tool that makes it easy to curate content, create nicely designed newsletters, create web pages of that content that you can share on social media or on your website, and more.

eLink meets all the qualifications of a Tech Smart Boss app, it’s affordable (they even have a free option), it’s easy to use, and it can help you increase your brand.

In this video, we do an onboarding of eLink and set up a newsletter with a few pieces of content. You’ll see some of the settings and a glimpse of the ease and power of the solution.

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using eLink as your newsletter for your business.

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