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Being able to pop up a quick website is critical for a Tech Smart Boss. It may be a landing page, a microsite, a special event, there are a lot of reasons. Sometimes you don’t want to do a full WordPress site and just need something that looks nice, is blazing fast, and easy to do. That where this week’s’ Cool Tech of the Week helps, Dorik.

I’ve covered a lot of drag and drop landing page designers in the past. Webiny was one, Cardd is another, and we have covered a lot of tools like Brizy and Converdy.

What I like about Dorik is their templates are really, really, really nice. In terms of style and functionality, Dorik is great. Now one big difference with Dorik is the focus is single page websites, so again it’s for a very special use case at the moment.

Take a look, it’s afforadble, it’s easy, it’s now part of my Tech Smart Boss toolkit. It may be what you’re looking for as well.

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