Don’t Do Your Content Wrongly, Optimize with Copywritely (Onboarding and Review)

Tech Smart Boss and Copywritely

We focus a lot on search engine optimization and inbound marketing at Tech Smart Boss because it is the highest return on investment for your businesses marketing spend.

But if you’re out there writing lots of content and it’s not effective and optimized for search engines then you’re wasting your time.

This weeks’ video is on Copywritely and it provides a full suite of tools from plagiarism checking, grammar checking, keyword density and more to help you optimize your content for readers but also for search engines.

In this video, we set up a new Copywritely account and take a look at some of the onboarding and set up in the product (and show you how it saved me from publishing duplicate content on my blog).

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using Copywritely as part of your content writing process.

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