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This week we wanted to highlight a really nice task management and customer service tool that is perfect for a Tech Smart Boss. The Cool Tech of the Week is, DoneDone.

As the name implied, DoneDone is going to help you get your work done faster. In one platform, they combine task and project management features with shared inbox/customer support. And they provide the user management tools so that each person only gets assigned to the projects and inboxes they need to see.

What we have seen from past tools is that if they start with project management and try to move into shared inbox, it doesn’t go too well and vice versa is true as well. DoneDone seems to be purpose built for the combination.

The user interface and user experience is nicely done. The creation of new mailboxes and instructions to set up the proper DKIM security is excellent. And it has a feature called workflows which allows you to custom-build the status flow of your projects or your customer support process. It’s a really nice touch.

Of course there are things to improve on, better integrations for example, but they have many things on their roadmap, so we’ll do an update when they deliver a few key things like Kanban views and Outbound Webhooks.

Check it out, DoneDone, our Cool Tech of the Week!

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