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Thinking about starting a podcast? Well the Cool Tech of the Week could make it a no-brainer for you, it’s Descript.

First all, even if you’re not interested in podcasts, go check out the explainer video on their home page. One of the most well done intro videos that I have seen (that took some real planning and budget, but we can all dream to be able to do production like that).

More importantly, check out their features and cost (free plan and $10 per month, very affordable).Nothing they are doing is particularly ground breaking, there are other tools that do it, but they have combined all those other tools into a great UI/UX experience that makes Descript top-notch.

The Tech Smart Boss podcast has been on hiatus, but I’m getting the itch in 2020 to start a fresh season, stay tuned (and check out Descript, the Cool Tech of the Week).

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