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In Episode 51 of the podcast, I talked about how running webinars can help your biz and what to look for in webinar software.  This week, we decided to make Demio our Cool Tech of the Week.

There’s a lot of webinar software on the market,  some have been around for years (and look like it),  some are expensive,  some are cheap,  some are very good and some very bad.  I’m just about used products that fit into all those categories.

Demio is a newer solution that is affordable and checks all the boxes in terms of the important features needed.   And they just recently revamped their platform and they did a great job, their software works well.

If you’re not doing webinars today or using a platform you just feel blah about, take a look at Demio,  it might be the cool tech you’ve been looking for.

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