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We have been picking a lot of really amazing graphic tools as Cool Tech of the Week, lately. I mean just last week, we had one. I can’t help it, I love them.

Why? Well as I talk about all the time on the podcast, a Tech Smart Boss needs to be able to quickly put together a blog, social media, landing page, mockup, and other types of graphics, without paying out fees to a professional graphic designer all the times.

Tools like Crello, the Cool Tech of the Week this week, allow you to do just that.

What I really like about Crello is the animations available in Pro. Literally you can drag and drop animated objects and backgrounds into layers and make any number of really good social media graphics. And if animation is not your thing, you can do the same with tons of static images. Crello is by the same team as DepositPhotos, a great tool in its own right.

Check it out, they have a free trial, and even their pro membership is very affordable for a Tech Smart Boss.

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