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In episode 115 of the podcast, I talked about how to outsource your content writing without a) breaking the budget and b) getting crappy content.
This week’s Cool Tech of the Week has helped me do that and I mentioned them in the episode, ContentFly.

With ContentFly for a reasonable monthly subscription, you can get 4000 words of whatever type of content you want written (with a per word cost for overages) and the quality is not too shabby.

As I mentioned in the podcast, sometimes you need to tweak the content and add your own expertise to it, but essentially you provide the topics, some info on who your audience is, and voila, in a few days you get a well written, unique article.

Check it out, especially if you are in that middle stage of too busy/no desire to write content yourself and not enough budget to hire even a part-time resource.

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